Watch how DynamicRT optimizes respiratory therapy utilization and compliance under PDPM.

Capture Thousands More in Revenue

DynamicRT combines proprietary technology and a team of remote respiratory care practitioners to create a program that empowers nursing like never before and ensure you get paid for the services you provide. Our real-time integration ensures that regulatory compliance is optimized, financial outcomes are quantified, and avoidable re-hospitalizations are minimized.


DynamicRT continuously monitors your patient population. We provide daily reports to the clinical team, identifying patients appropriate for respiratory therapy assessment.


Once on program, the patient’s MAR and TAR are monitored daily to ensure medically necessary utilization is captured. Clinical staff receive an alert if documentation does not reflect established criteria.


Convenient monthly reports outline utilization, direct revenue and expenses associated with the SNF’s respiratory therapy program.


Respiratory competencies, training and policies & procedures are available via our online portal to support a compliant respiratory therapy program.

Over 200 SNFs, both big and small, are managing their respiratory programs with DynamicRT.

Articles and Resources from the DynamicRT Team

A New Era for Respiratory Therapy in SNFs

When we launched DynamicRT, we envisioned a program that would optimize clinical outcomes and reimbursement by promoting the proper and timely utilization of respiratory therapy. It’s been amazing to see how deeply this idea has resonated with our customers and we are...

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Dynamic Respiratory Services is a leader in respiratory care for post-acute facilities. Our programs optimize respiratory therapy services, reimbursement and regulatory compliance, giving skilled nursing facilities the resources they need to manage their complex respiratory population.


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